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Shift Your Focus: Personal Transformation Through a New Lens

  • Robyn Ivy's Studio 1080 Kingstown Road Bldg 8 Studio 14 South Kingstown, RI, 02879 United States (map)

What if I told you that learning to see differently can change your life? Trust me, it can. And in this workshop I am going to show you how. Have you ever stopped to consider that the way we look at and experience our world is often done by default? Did you know that our vision can be strengthened, like a muscle, and when we exercise it, it transforms, changing the way we view our world and ourselves? Each us perceives our experience through our own unique lens, from our personal vantage point, but did you know that lens can be swapped out for others in our arsenal that would drastically changed the results? Knowing how to see through a new “lens” is a life skill that can help you get unstuck, remove obstacles and get you moving forward again towards more of what you really want. Shifting our focus has the power to help us change the way we see, think, and feel but we have to know how to use this tool to do so.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to exercise your “seeing” muscle and cultivate your unique viewpoint while also improving your photography skills

  • Why seeing on purpose can give you the power to change your life

  • How to turn a simple photo (noticing) walk into an instrument for inner transformation

  • Ways to cultivate mindfulness and deepen your connection to your world using your camera/iPhone

  • Unique ways to get unstuck with an unexpected problem-solving tool 

Shift Your Focus: