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June 13-17, 2017 PARIS, FRANCE

Do you love Paris? Does the idea of exploring this magical city through your own unique lens light you up? Perhaps you just want to become a better photographer? Whether you are looking to learn how to get off your camera's automatic settings, compose better shots or develop your ability to see through mindfulness practices this workshop is for you!  Come join us for a 5 day photography exploration where we will teach you the art of seeing. You will deepen the way you see and experience the world around you as well as your own inner landscape through daily exercises, excursions and practice.

Learn via Daily Photo Workshops

Each day, our group will meet in the morning and we'll cover a bit of photo theory and give everyone an assignment for the day. You can then stay with the group or go out of your own. Later, we'll do image review and reflection. Throughout the day, we'll be available for both group and one-on-one instruction. That can be tailored to any skill level, so it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or veteran photographer.

Develop Your Attentional Aperture

During the course of our Exploration, we'll work with any participants who are interested in a concept that Greg calls your "Attentional Aperture." It's about incorporating mindfulness into your photography to help you develop your personal vision and how you see the world. Take your photography to a brand-new level working with the light of Paris. 

Shift Your Focus: Personal Transformation Through a New Lens

Have you ever stopped to consider that the way we look at and experience our world is often done by default? Did you know that our vision can be strengthened, like a muscle, and when we exercise it, it transforms, changing the way we view our world and ourselves? Each of us perceives our experience through our own unique lens, from our personal vantage points. That lens can be swapped out for others; in this workshop, Robyn will show you how!

All skill levels welcome! DSLR or interchangeable lens cameras recommended.

Features daily group and one-on-one instruction plus independent exploration!

Customized itineraries will be tailored to your interests and schedule!

Space limited to 12 participants, so sign up now!

Program Cost: $999

What's Included In The Cost?

Your registration to the Exploration includes:

✓ Five days of instruction in magical Paris, France.
✓ A flexible schedule: stay with the group or explore independently.
✓ An exclusive Facebook group for participants.
✓ A custom itinerary tailored just for you.
✓ A special welcome breakfast at a neighborhood cafe. 
✓ A delicious farewell dinner at a wonderful French restaurant. 
✓ Personal image review/critique.
✓ A half-day Paris history or food tour via Context Travel.

What's Not Included In The Cost?

Registration does not include lodging or food costs during the Exploration, other than the group "Welcome" and "Farewell" meals together. I will provide hotel recommendations and other lodging options for participants based upon your needs and your budget.

To register go to: