Want to help raise more awareness for pediatric cancer?

Join Me for SHOOTING FOR A CURE. Book an Alternative School Portrait Package for your child for $99 and help tell the powerful stories of children with brain cancer.

This is your chance to give back and get something beautiful in return. On Wednesday June 21st and Saturday July 15th from 4-7pm, I’ll be shooting individual portraits of your children to help cover the costs associated with traveling to Monterrey, Mexico, with writer and friend, Kim Beauchamp to document the stories of several children battling a rare, aggressive pediatric brain tumor. For many of these children, this treatment is their last hope. Their story deserves to be told and you can help.

Your $99 package includes the shoot, your choice of 1 of 2 print packages similar to those offered as school photos, an online viewing gallery and beautiful portraits of your children to last a lifetime. We start at 4pm and this is a first come first serve style shoot so you can show up on either day anytime between 4-7pm but you must book online here in advance. 

The WHY?

As many of you know, I’ve been involved in helping raise pediatric cancer awareness through Project 3.8 and my work with the Dorian J. Murray Foundation. 

This month, I’m taking this vision beyond Little Rhody and heading to Monterrey, Mexico to photograph a group of children with a particularly devastating type of cancer. These kids all have DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), a brainstem tumor with a very poor prognosis. 

Since there’s no known cure for this disease, parents are told to go home and make memories with their children, while waiting for the inevitable, excruciating end. But many families from around the world—the UK, US, Scotland, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and Mexico—have found new hope in Monterrey, where a team of doctors with decades of experience treating brain tumors have now extended a promising new combination of intra-arterial chemotherapy and immunotherapy to children with DIPG, which will likely prolong the children’s lives, and hopefully lead to a cure for the disease. 

Together with Kim Beauchamp who is writing their accompanying stories, we plan to document these kids’ journeys with DIPG. We want to share the many faces of DIPG—to show that these could be anyone’s children—and to help families raise the necessary funds to provide their children with this potentially life-saving treatment.

Book your portrait session now, and help us end DIPG. Don’t need a portrait but still want to help? We welcome donations and air miles to help get us there and help these kids! Message us for details.

Shooting for a Cure
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