Two years ago I had the privilege of photographing then, 6 year old, Dorian Murray. When he was just 4 years old, Dorian was diagnosed with stage four rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare pediatric cancer. After a photoshoot with his mom, within a year of his diagnosis, we became fast friends.  I was moved to help aid his fight against cancer so we decided I would photograph him. The photographs were meant to be both a personal gift for his mom as well as a powerful visual support for their fundraising and cancer awareness efforts. It was important with me to share with the world this image of the incredible warrior I had come to know Dorian to be. In early January, Dorian's cancer spread to his spinal column and brain. His family made the choice to keep him home, keep him comfortable and make his last dreams come true-including becoming famous. Suddenly, my photograph of him was everywhere and became the face of his #DStrong campaign. It got me thinking about how my work could help other people. It showed me that a powerful image can transform a movement. Alzheimer's patients, children with cancer, single mom's who can't afford a professional head shot but need to show they are worthy of that next great job. The list is endless. Head Shots for Hope was born out of my desire for my work to serve a larger purpose and help others in need while offering my clients the chance to do the same simply by scheduling their own head shots.

Head Shots For Hope Session

For the next 100 days (January 14th-April 24th 2016) any time you book a head shot session with me, I will donate a comparable session to someone in need. Suggestions and connections for local organizations and individuals to partner with are much appreciated.

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