Head Shots: What Does your current pic say about you?

You need a great head shot. You just do. Here’s why. Your head shot is often your first introduction to people, typically long before they meet you in person, which means your photo has to make the right impression and work on your behalf.  It's got to give your clients the sense that they know you, that they can trust you and make them feel like you would be a good fit for them. They need to be able to tell from your picture that you know your craft and make them want to work with you or at the very least reach out to start the conversation.  

I see so many people using old, outdated shots of themselves, selfies and/or iPhone pics from events or vacations that are often failed attempts at cropping themselves out of an otherwise decent photo just because it's the only one they have where they like how they look. I cringe every time. That is not a professional head shot! What does that communicate about you to your clients? I'll tell you. It says you may not take your business seriously, that you may be somewhat careless at your job, or may only put forth as little effort on their behalf as you did in presenting yourself and that they can expect as much from working with you. That is the LAST thing you want your clients to assume about you, am I right?

Your head shot should convey how talented, capable, smart, professional and approachable you are. It should immediately impress them and pacify any concerns about your abilities. When they see your photo, I want them to know without a doubt that you can get the job done, that you are the right choice and highly qualified. I want them to imagine what it would be like to work with you just form looking at your picture. They should walk away knowing that you are incredibly good at what you do and they can trust their instinct. You are only as good in your clients eye as the photo says you are. 

If you are like most people, millennials excluded, just the idea of being in front of a camera probably feels uncomfortable enough to keep putting it off.  I get it. But here's the thing...you are a professional and you really do need a great new head shot and if you hire the right person who knows how to capture your best self then you will actually walk away with a new appreciation for who you are now. Plus, I am a miracle worker, so there's that.  In this digital landscape image is everything and it's critical that you put your best face forward and show the world how wonderful you are at what you do. 

My head shots to the rescue. These are fun, fast and painless. Promise! I do my best to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Package includes: 1-1.5 hour session (in my studio in Wakefield) to capture updated, fresh and professional head shots to use online, in print and across your social media platforms. In about a week after the shoot, you will receive access to a private online gallery to view at least 25 images. You will then choose 5 final high resolution images that have been beautifully custom edited so you look your best. All images will be available for purchase.  Hair and make up are available with advance notice at the time of booking for an additional fee. 

Please bring 2-3 outfit changes to work with, some light, some dark to accommodate different backgrounds. Tighter fitting clothing photographs best. Large and loud patterns are a no no. Please be sure to bring clothing that you really wear when engaging with clients to look most authentic.  Better to bring more options then not enough.  

If you have any questions or would like more information please email me at robyn@robynivy.com


Package includes: 90 min session (in my studio in Wakefield), at least 25 images to view in a private online gallery and 5 final, beautifully custom edited, high resolution images. All images will be available for purchase. Hair and make up are available an additional fee (with advance notice).