Head Shot Special 

Chances are you've been considering getting a professional head shot done for a while now. You've probably seen lots of great pictures of friends, colleagues and strangers promoting themselves with high quality imagery and realized your current best pic is maybe not quite as fabulous as you are or it's from years ago when you were...well, younger, 10 pounds lighter, less stressed, less haggard, less...something.  If you are like most people, millenials excluded, just the idea of being in front of a camera probably feels just uncomfortable enough to keep putting it off.  I get it. I actually need a new head shot myself and I too am wishing I could capture my 29 year old self instead of my 43 year old mom to two teenage boys self...but here's the thing...you really do need a great new head shot and if you hire the right person who knows how to capture your best self then you will actually walk away with a new appreciation for who you are now. Plus, I am a miracle worker, so there's that.  In this digital landscape image is everything and it's critical that you put your best face forward and show the world how wonderful you are at what you do.  My head shot special the rescue. These are fun, fast and fabulous. Now through March 29th,  you can purchase your head shot package at this special discount and then you have 60 days within which to schedule your session. Package includes: 1 hour session to capture an updated, fresh and professional head shot to use online, in print and across your social media platforms. 10 images will be posted in an online gallery within about a week after the shoot where you will choose 3 final images that have been beautifully custom edited so you look your best. Additional images will be available for purchase as well. There are a limited number of spots so book yours today. 

249.00 349.00

Head shot package includes: 1 hour session, 10 proofs to choose from your private online gallery and 3 beautifully custom edited final images. Please email me at robyn@robynivy.com to set up the time of your session.

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