9th Annual Alternative school portrait event

"A natural backdrop, relaxed setting and a more than reasonable fee is a small part of what makes me return every year for Robyn’s Alternative School Portrait event. There is the “smile for the camera” expression that spread across the school portrait photos, and then there is that “magic” smile that captures the spirit and personality of both my children, in the photos that Robyn has taken of my son and daughter. The photos have a way of recording the memories and the milestones of that year of their life. These images are keepsakes that make it impossible for me to place the following year’s photo in the same frame. Every Fall I stalk Robyn’s Facebook Page, making sure I do not miss the date!" -Kate (mother of two)


Back in the day I used to shoot the yearly school pictures at a ton of local school. Nowadays I shoot commercial work almost exclusively…meaning ad campaigns, branding/marketing imagery for companies large and small, head shots and architectural work. Over time parents got used to getting a Robyn Ivy portrait of their children each year. As their children grew, they would move onto other schools where I didn't shoot or they’d have children in multiple schools and folks still wanted one of my school photos each year. So I created this annual event to give all my beloved families an opportunity to get a gorgeous "school" portrait package of their children but done the way I like to do them: natural, outdoors, relaxed, beautiful AND unlike most school pics, they actually look like your child! You really will want to hang them on your walls...which is truly hard to say about most school photos, agreed? 

Here's how it works. You register below by clicking the "add to cart" button below and purchasing however many packages you want (i.e how many children you have or loved ones want their own package). Don't worry you can order more later once you've seen the pics. Then you choose which day you want to come. This year the event will be held at the Lafayette Mill at 610 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown.  

Dates are: Tuesday October 16th and Wednesday October 17th from 3-5pm.  When you register you will be prompted to choose which date you want to come. If you can't make that day after all just let me know so I know who to expect. This is a first come first serve situation so you don't have to book a time slot just the day you're coming. 

About two weeks after your shoot you will receive a link to a private online gallery to view your photos. You can choose from two different package options. You simply add the pics you want to your cart and enter in a checkout code that credits you back the registration (package) cost and you're good to go. Shipping is now included with all packages to keep it even easier. You can add prints on to your package in a wide variety of sizes, additional poses as well as purchase digital options to use for holiday cards etc to make life and gift giving a little bit easier. 


You with me so far? Let's recap!

1. Register below by paying for your package/s (you DO NOT have to choose which package yet just how many) and choose which day you want to come-there are 2 options: 10/16 or 10/17

2. Show up at the event on the day you registered for

3. View your images online in about 2 weeks

4. Order your package: Pkg 1 or Pkg 2 (additional poses & prints will be available for purchase)

5. Enter your code for package credit at checkout (this will come in the email to access the pics)

6. Prints ship directly to you or your loved ones.

7. Ooh and ahhh over your pics! Holidays shopping is one step closer to finished...well done!!

Package Options

Package 1 includes: 1 8x10 :: 2 5x7's :: 4 4x6's :: 8 wallets

Package 2 includes: 4 5x7's :: 4 4x6's :: 8 wallets

Alternative School Portrait Event
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